Making games and making making games

A year ago I was crunching on Dead West. I was frantically adding features as quickly as possible in order to get it to a point that I was comfortable showing it, at GDC 2012. Problem was, I didn’t know what point that was. In fact, I still don’t: Dead West was a game without [...]

GDC 2013: iOS Games in a Day

This has been on the GDC site for a while now, better get around to posting it – myself and Ray Wenderlich are running an iOS game dev bootcamp on the Tuesday of GDC 2013. We’ve got some greate speakers lined up includingMike Daley (Co-founder 71squared), Mike Schramm (Editor TUAW/Joystiq), Keith Shepherd (Co-founder ImangiStudios), Rod Strougo (iOS Developer & Instructor, Big Nerd Ranch & Prop Group) [...]

The Satanic Games

First for the prototype archives: The Satanic Games. This was intended as something of slight on this debacle. Out of time for that, and clearly a silly idea in the first place given that I don’t think there’s much merit in seasonal stuff. What was it? A track-based racer, with the player pressing a sequence [...]

Game dev link round up — (originally from 14th April)

I originally posted this on the 36peas site, but some of it’s still pertinent at the time of writing (July 1st), so I’m including it here, with some additional comments… Games Crow by Sunside Inc Hadn’t heard much about this iOS title until last week. Great stuff. << I’m not so sure about this now — really [...]