Making games and making making games

A year ago I was crunching on Dead West. I was frantically adding features as quickly as possible in order to get it to a point that I was comfortable showing it, at GDC 2012. Problem was, I didn’t know what point that was. In fact, I still don’t: Dead West was a game without […]

GDC 2013: iOS Games in a Day

This has been on the GDC site for a while now, better get around to posting it – myself and Ray Wenderlich are running an iOS game dev bootcamp on the Tuesday of GDC 2013. We’ve got some greate speakers lined up includingMike Daley (Co-founder 71squared), Mike Schramm (Editor TUAW/Joystiq), Keith Shepherd (Co-founder ImangiStudios), Rod Strougo (iOS Developer & Instructor, Big Nerd Ranch & Prop Group) […]

The Satanic Games

First for the prototype archives: The Satanic Games. This was intended as something of slight on this debacle. Out of time for that, and clearly a silly idea in the first place given that I don’t think there’s much merit in seasonal stuff. What was it? A track-based racer, with the player pressing a sequence […]